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All mimsy were the borogoves and the momeraths outgrabe

-)-(- Sarbear Ducky Kindy -)-(-
26 February
My dog Ralphie is my universe, I have an amazing boyfriend I call Tom Tom, and I have friends that understand me and others that think I'm bizarre.

I love videogames, reading, movies, and I HATE cooking. Thank goodness my boyfriend was inspired by the swedish chef on sesame street, or the muppets as he keeps correcting me, to once aspire to be a chef. I have it made. The only thing I like about myself are my rare green eyes which nobody can figure out how I got them... I came from a VERY blonde and blue eyed european family... and I love when I dye my hair colors... which I am growing out right now.

I am very open, I have friends from all backgrounds and I am liberal. I believe in equal rights for all, NO exceptions.

I love to travel, especially taking road trips with Tom.

I have been in the veterinary field for 8 years, mostly as a student. My last "job" was an internship at an emergency clinic as a vet tech. I love it, but I am pursuing Clinical Laboratory Science now, due to being introduced to the clinical side of the field. I love anything that lets me work with blood, cells, pus, poop, and microscopes. I want to get into diagnostics, and I might work both human and animal (I have a job offer at Antech when I am done, but I want to pursue school) at the same time, to keep myself amused and always interested and learning.

My journal posts are mostly about pill popping, catastrophes, random retarded ideas, me whining about how much I love this or that, or writing about fun dates and posting tons of pictures.

My heart belongs in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Antarctica, Greece, and England. I grew up in England, I was born in Los Angeles, I love Las Vegas, and when I die I want my ashes spread in Antarctica. If there is reincarnation, I totally lived in ancient Greece and my homeboy was Achilles.

I am getting over the fear of showing pictures of myself. So here are some of me and my boyfriend, and my baby Ralphie.

80's, addams family, adgth, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, amnesty international, anatomy, animal rights, animal welfare, animals, antarctica, bacteria, barqs root beer, beetlejuice, below the root, big love, biology, blood, brave little toaster, bride of frankenstein, british comedy, british history, buddhism, c64, casino, cats, chemistry, chrono trigger, clinical laboratory science, clinical pathology, commodore 64, conan the barbarian, crono, crossing jordan, daniel day lewis, david lynch, dead kennedys, depeche mode, dogs, don bluth, donnie darko, dorp dead, dr. house, earth girls are easy, earthbound, earthbound zero, edward scissorhands, fight club, frankenstein, gambling, gamecube, gaming, gay rights, geeks, geography, goemon, greek mythology, gribbly's day out, history, horror movies, house m.d., hugh laurie, human rights, i am legend, john bellairs, kirby, kmfdm, las vegas, little britain, lord of the rings, los angeles, lost highway, majora's mask, mausland, microbiology, midna, mother, mother 2, mother 3, movies, mr. saturn, music, n64, nerds, nes, nietzsche, nightmare before christmas, ninjatown, nintendo, nirvana, pan's labyrinth, phantom of the opera, pharmacology, physician assistant, physiology, pigs, pisces, plok, purple, rammstein, reading, rob zombie, robert deniro, robert e. howard, rocky horror picture show, salad fingers, sandwiches, saturn valley, schala, school, serj tankian, shawnanimals, showgirls, skinny puppy, sleeping, snes, social problems, sociology, spanky's quest, stabbing westward, starmen.net, sublime, sunset boulevard, system of a down, taxi driver, terminator, text messaging, the 'burbs, the brave little toaster, the hobbit, the tudors, tim burton, tim curry, trainspotting, traveling, vanilla pudding, vegetarian, veterinary medicine, video games, vincent price, viruses, wall-e, white zombie, who framed roger rabbit, wii, willow pattern, zelda, zilpha keatley snyder, zombies